November 1, 2018 Advisory Committee Meeting
Michael L. ParsonGovernor

November 1, 2018 Advisory Committee Meeting

11:00 am     Call to Order

       Review/Approval of Minutes – October 5, 2017 Meeting

11:05 am     Finances and Trends

11:20 am     2018 Legislative Action

11:30 am     Board Actions 2017-2018

11:45 am     Risk Management Discussion

12:30 pm     New UST Rules

12:45 pm     Other Updates

12:55 pm     Other Business


(Note: The Committee may decide to take votes or make recommendations to the
PSTIF Board of Trustees on any of the above-listed topics.)

A light lunch will be served during the meeting for Advisory Committee members;
guests also are welcome to eat if there’s enough food.


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