Board of Trustees
Michael L. ParsonGovernor

Board of Trustees


Wednesday, January 24  —  Jefferson City  —  Governor Office Building, Room 470

MONDAY, March 19  —  Columbia  —  The University Club, Donrey Room

Wednesday, May 23  —  Jefferson City  —  Capitol Plaza Hotel, Carnegies Room

Wednesday, July 25  —  Columbia  —  The University Club, Donrey Room

THURSDAY, September 27  —  Jefferson City  —  Governor Office Building, Room 470

Tentative Agenda and Meeting Materials

Wednesday, November 28  —  Columbia —  The University Club, Donrey Room


Dates are subject to change and a formal notice will be posted pursuant to Missouri open meeting laws.

Minutes of Past Meetings

Board of Trustees for the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund

An eleven-member Board of Trustees manages the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund. They work to ensure that monies from the Fund are effectively used to clean up the environment; that Fund participants receive timely, professional services; and that the Fund’s resources are economically used in order to benefit the maximum number of Missourians.

Eight trustees are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate; after their terms expire, they continue serving until replaced or reappointed. The other three are designated officials from executive branch agencies. The Board of Trustees is required to meet at least four times a year, and is currently meeting every other month in Jefferson City or Columbia.

An Advisory Committee assists and advises the Board on Fund operations.


Mr. James Greer
ColumbiaOwners/operators of aboveground storage tanks06/11/15 to 02/06/17
Mr. James P. Ford
ColumbiaInsurance underwriting industry02/22/00 to 02/06/20
Mr. Thomas G. KolbJefferson CitySmall owners/operators of petroleum storage tanks03/27/03 to 02/06/11
Mr. Schuyler J. MarieaJefferson CityFinancial institutions06/22/07 to 02/06/10
Mr. Donald McNuttSt. LouisLarge owners/operators of petroleum storage tanks06/01/01 to 02/06/13
Mr. Danny OpieEldonIndustrial and commercial users of petroleum03/25/04 to 02/06/08
VACANTGeneral public
VACANTGeneral public
Mr. John AlbertJefferson CityDepartment of Agriculture
Ms. Tracy McGinnisJefferson CityOffice of Administration
Ms. Katie Jo WheelerJefferson CityDepartment of Natural Resources

The Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund’s Executive Director is Carol R. Eighmey

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