September 18, 2019 – PSTIF Board of Trustees Meeting
Michael L. ParsonGovernor

September 18, 2019 – PSTIF Board of Trustees Meeting

9:30 am      Call to Order

CLOSED SESSION – The Chairman will request a motion to go into closed session to discuss matters authorized by Subsection (1) of Section 610.021, RSMo.  Upon conclusion of the closed session, the Board will reconvene in open session, but not before 10:30 a.m.

10:30 am    Claim Appeal – Expressway Food Shop, Claim 62768

11:00 am    Review and Approval of Minutes – May 22, 2019 Open Meeting

11:05 am     Monthly Reports

11:10 am     Report on FY19 Leaks

11:25 am     Actuarial Report – Taylor & Mulder

11:50 am     FY20 PSTIF Budget and DNR Request for Additional Funding

12:05 pm     Review/Approve FY21 Budget Requests

12:20 pm     Other Information

Possible Legislative Proposal
Information from Other States
Fuel Changes
Schedule 2020 Board Meetings


         The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting is Wednesday,
November 13, 2019,
at the Governor Office Building in Jefferson City.


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